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Hong Kong institutions are not much affected by the epidemic

Due to the first impact of the coronavirus, Brazil's GDp fell 1.5 per cent in the first quarter compared with the last three months of 2019, according to official figures released on Friday. The figure is in line with the expectations of analysts surveyed by the economic daily Valor, who expect a much larger decline in the second quarter (- 11.1 per cent) and a 6.3 per cent decline in 2020.

Bar Pacific’s intimate small wedding reception hong kong are here to help you turn your big day into a collection of seamless and unforgettable moments.The report comes at a time of fierce political struggle in the country's economy into a health crisis, with the far-right president calling for the lifting of restrictions to save jobs in the face of a rising death toll. On Wednesday, the death toll broke through the 25000 mark.

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Hong Kong universities

It was announced that the government submitted a global contingency plan of 4.5 billion euros to the public on Friday, of which 2.7 billion euros was spent on various sectors to deal with the coronavirus crisis. On Friday morning, it was announced that 1.75 billion euros of envelopes were provided to municipal and intercity authorities, including 750 million euros in compensation related to tax losses.

The news distributor said on Friday that it had submitted 25 letters of intent to the court to take over the assets of two subsidiaries, SAD and Soprocom. It said 16 entrustment of the two companies, which were liquidated on May 15, employed more than 500 people, and each would have a potential buyer, including an independent custodian, confirming the information in the media letter. Employees of the company specifically proposed a collective interest association (SCIC) project to "protect employment" and "ensure media diversity".

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18/06/2020 09:15